Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Exporting Sorensen3 with newer Quicktime versions

Some quicktime functions like the ability to see frame numbers are great, but for some reason apple stopped showing the ability to export with sorensen3 videocodec.

Whats the big deal ?

Sorensen3 in my opinion is by far the best codec for animation.
  • its very fast on export
  • very small filesize
  • and most important - very fast on back and forth time scrubbing or frame by frame.
  • and very compatible with older qt versions (h264 sometimes needs the newest qt version)

The good news:
quicktime is only NOT SHOWING the ability. It is still there ! !
you need to tell quicktime to show legacy codecs 
funny that they call it a legacy codec - i guess it has to do with their their new h264 codec

You have to go into the System Settings QT options to change that seeting.

Afterwards you can export sorensen3 as usual.

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