Thursday, 8 March 2007

frame counter in quicktime or maya

having a frame counter in your video is essential for animators
thats the only way anybody can tell you the frame he is giving you feedback on
or you can remember what frame has issues

there are three ways to do that in quicktime
xml script - link
video overlay - link
just rightclick on time - since version 7 - link

there are two ways to do that in maya
1) import/reference this file - link by
2) type this in the mel textfield:
switch on
headsUpDisplay -section 5 -block 1 -blockSize "small" -dfs "large" -ao 1 -l frame -command "currentTime -q" -atr HUDFrameCount;
switch off
headsUpDisplay -rem HUDFrameCount;


Anonymous said...

wow great tip, thanks! i'm in class 1 of AM and i wanted to do just what u explained. high 5!

Andrew said...

Excellent. I know AM are fairly protective of their rigs, are non AM animation students allowed to use the frame counter?


Kris Staber said...

Nothing that is linked here belongs to AM.
AM did however use passionsflies counter in their shotmask. So if anyone should pay tribute to someone else then its AM to passionfly !

Andrew said...

That's absolutely perfect. I've been looking for something large and simple as a frame counter. Massive thank you Kris and passionfly!!

Anonymous said...

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