Saturday, 8 March 2008

drawing on screen apps

there are various ways of tracking your arcs and spacing and it is essential for animators.
onion skinning / ghosting or trajecory tools in the animation package

or the good old fashioned drawing over your animations on screen

its an old "trick" for animators to draw with a dry erase marker on crt screens
and then wipe it off again
which is probably the nicest way because its so tactile

on tfts its a bit more problematic because they are not as resistant as crts with their glass surface
therefore some companies do not allow to draw on their TFTs

so a lot of animators tape acetate sheets on the top of the monitor and then flip it down onto the screen to draw on it
but thats a bit cumbersome
and the sheet is usually about 1cm away from the screen therfore the line changes with the perspective

luckily there are some applications that allow drawing over your
animations or any other windows, they are usually called
annotation software - or screen drawing software



in maya you can parent a sphere to the body party you want to track
and then ghost it
or use cMotionTrail to get a 3d curve


Anonymous said...

just name ONE company that doesn't allow that. ;)

Anonymous said...

wow! this is my new favorite blog. thanks so much. i am in class 1 of animation mentor and they keep telling us to do that, but this is easier!

Anonymous said...

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